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Something is Amiss
Even when everything should be fine,
even when I should clearly see the lines,
my vision blurs and suddenly, I'm blind.
I reached for you thinking you were the cure,
still I held back unsure, catching myself before,
you looked back at my face timid and demure.
Am I searching for a light in the wrong faces?
Am I wandering with hope in hopeless places?
Even when I try, the way the light dances and traces
your perfect face, I can't forget, I can't escape.
I lay still but run a thousand miles in circles,
disturbed, perturbed, confused, unused to the way
the world works even when it's all I've ever known.
I'm a long way from finding myself,
farther away even from starting to try.
So won't you help me stumble through,
grab my crutches as I hobble over to you.
:icona-w0man:A-w0man 2 0
Dream-catcher by A-w0man Dream-catcher :icona-w0man:A-w0man 10 3 Henna comeback by A-w0man Henna comeback :icona-w0man:A-w0man 4 0 -3- by A-w0man -3- :icona-w0man:A-w0man 7 0
Colonel Finance
To: Professor Bankert
Sutliff* One zero two,
Day one, the clock ticks us to our doom,
An eerie hush settles over the room,
As Colonel Finance lays down his rules.
Few will triumph, he says,
Our hearts sink to the floor,
He means well, but it’s hard to tell,
When he speaks in a tone,
Much similar to a yell.
His eyes scan the room,
Stopping directly at you,
Moment of truth,
But your mouth goes dry,
All the answers seem to fly,
Right out your brain,
To the traitorous sky.
Cold cash and Benjamin Franks,
NFL stars and football champs,
Say ‘hello’ to both worlds,
In this financial boot camp.
Money comes and money goes,
Lectures continue as time slows,
But lasting lessons are taught,
By only the rarest of souls.
A toast to cash,
A toast to you, Sir!
For shedding light,
On what was once a blur.
We journeyed through,
an arduous tunnel,
Littered with one,
too many a struggle.
Despite all the formulae,
And rigorous calculations,
Discount bonds and amortization,
If there i
:icona-w0man:A-w0man 1 2
Eid Henna [9-11-16] by A-w0man Eid Henna [9-11-16] :icona-w0man:A-w0man 15 3 Butterfly Effect by A-w0man Butterfly Effect :icona-w0man:A-w0man 16 2 Tomorrow by A-w0man Tomorrow :icona-w0man:A-w0man 10 6 All Tha Henna~ by A-w0man All Tha Henna~ :icona-w0man:A-w0man 24 4 0-0/ by A-w0man 0-0/ :icona-w0man:A-w0man 8 12 Long time no Henna! by A-w0man Long time no Henna! :icona-w0man:A-w0man 27 11
Still wondering who I want to be,
they tell me maybe
its a little too late,
grown ups should know their fate,
but I'm still knocking at the gate
of inspiration,
hoping this time I'll
get an invitation.
The gatekeeper scowls at me,
glares with indignation
in my direction.
He's not the one to blame,
I've been playing this game
far too long.
It's always the same-
a different love, a new name.
A wandering soul,
a fickle heart,
like the shadows that dance
around a fire in the dark.
Despite my inability to commit,
I have but one quality
worthy of merit,
monstrous as the storm may be,
you will find in me
a spirit roaming free,
content in the unseen,
unperturbed by the raging sea.
:icona-w0man:A-w0man 5 2
Eid Henna '15 by A-w0man Eid Henna '15 :icona-w0man:A-w0man 28 2
I feel like I want to cry,
but I don't know why.
I think it best to let out a scream,
but something strange silences me.
Sometimes I wish I could feel anything,
only to be embraced by an abyss of nothing.
Sooner or later I am certain to crack,
by then, will I have forgotten how to react?
Day after day, week after week,
The fire once in me becomes frail and meek.
Since when did I allow this plague to run rampant,
Poisoning my veins with the curse of disenchantment.
They say an ill mind has not much hope nor a cure,
Then again, who is to say 'They' are anything but obscure.
:icona-w0man:A-w0man 4 5
Ohai by A-w0man Ohai :icona-w0man:A-w0man 14 16 Walking through a Meadow - Henna by A-w0man Walking through a Meadow - Henna :icona-w0man:A-w0man 69 34


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Mon Sep 15, 2014, 6:30 AM

I feel as though I am back to being myself. I decided to take up Art Studio as a Minor in college. In all honesty, I've always been an artist at heart. However, I was never fond of displaying my art publicly in school. In fact, this one time in the 5th grade in Art class, I got scolded by the teacher for not doing my 'Art homework'. It made me so mad I literally broke my best friend's glasses in two after she dared to try and calm me down!

We still laugh at the incident, thinking back. However, it taught me something. I learned that I would never be comfortable making art if my heart was not at ease. Being pressured to make art was the one thing I simply could NOT bear. I couldn't stand the fact that someone would Force creativity out of me, instead of letting me take my time with it.

So much time has passed by since the 5th grade, yet that moment in time stays permanently fixed in my memory. I also feel that I have much to be thankful for to the site of DeviantArt. Had it not been for this artistic outlet, I'd have most certainly never discovered the wonderful art I could create.  It enabled me to become the person that I am today - the artist that I am today.

So, here's to you, DeviantArt, for literally making it easier to breathe through out the years.

:rose: I shall be forever indebted to the kindness, friendship, and companionship I have found here.

Thank You!!!



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